Top Tips to Pass Your Air Tightness Test from RJ Acoustics

The surfaces of the external shell i.e. the walls, ceilings and floors, must provide an airtight barrier.

We have therefore devised our list of top tips to provide you with the best chance of passing an air test:

  1. Make sure every service penetration is sealed with mastic or expanding foam.
  2. All plumbing work should be complete with water in the traps.
  3. Foam the gap between plasterboard and the floor before skirting boards go on. Otherwise, mastic the gap between the bottom of the skirting boards and the floor in every room.
  4. Any holes in walls and floors must be sealed.
  5. Bathrooms and kitchens must be fully fitted, and mastic sealed.
  6. All external windows and doors must be installed and closable.
  7. The loft hatch should be fitted, sealed around the edge with mastic and have draft excluders fitted.
  8. 240V power must be available in the plots being tested.
  9. All fixtures and fittings should be installed, including lights and sockets.

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