Welcome to Real Developer Index 2020:


Developing Opportunity through Recognition



Recognising the SME Real Developer

In 2019, TrustedLand, supported by LandTech, opened a campaign to recognise those SME property developers that demonstrate track record, experience, openness and strong reputation. The Real Developer Index 2020: South-east, is the 100 companies that we have recognised as doing just this.




From luxury detached mansions to affordable airspace apartments, senior-living estates and semi-detached family homes, the 100 SME's featured in the Index have all been identified because of their track record in delivering a range of successful property development projects.



TrustedLand have distributed 500 copies of the Real Developer Index 2020 to respected and active agents, advisors and owners to ensure we can continue to best support established developers in delivering their product.

To avoid unsolicited approaches, access to the Index is by invitation only or at dedicated events, such as The London Social or The Surrey Social, by TrustedLand. 


If you wish to request a digital or hard copy, click HERE. 




“Nara commends the TrustedLand initiative as an enabler of greater transparency and increased certainty: essential elements for Fixed Charge Receivership advice in the often uncertain world of distressed real estate debt"

Julian Healey, CEO of the Association of Property & Fixed Charge Receivers

Why it started?

British Property Federation Highlighted the Lack of Trust Toward Property Developers


In July 2019, two now widely acknowledged and open industry reports from the British Property Federation and Grosvenor UK & Ireland highlighted the lack of trust toward property developers from the public and key stakeholders.

In September 2019, Levitt Bernstein’s Julia Park launched a widely reported campaign to protect against poor quality PD conversions, with journalists like Editor of EG, Samantha McClary, suggesting unprofessional developers were to blame, creating social media frenzy of finger-pointing and blame.