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Do you know a real 

SME dealmaker?


In 2020, 100 SME firms were given the opportunity to showcase their track record, team and land requirements to hundreds of land agents, investors and professionals.

Being recognised meant introductions to:

  • 250+ Top UK land agents, receivers & sourcers
  • Top UK developers, backers and experts
  • Algorithm matched value-adding professionals

Now we prepare for Real Developer 2021, to recognise 100 established SME property development firms with proven and growing track record over the last three years.


Real Developer Index 2020

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TL press Deatures for Real Developerr 2020

What does Real Developer mean for an SME Developer?


Compiled by TrustedLand and partner LandTech, the RDI is published in print and online in January and distributed to over 250 land agents, sourcers and representatives, plus other keystakeholders.


Recognised firms then receive access monthly invitation-only SME Meet & Greets, industry leader meetings and Virtual Conferences for recognised firms.

Minimum Requirements for Nominations & Applicants



  • Minimum two development projects completed in past 3 years
  • Public Digital Profile & Brand
  • Director with relevant experience



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