At the latest live TrustedLand event (a lively gathering at M Victoria back in February) we met Paul Higgs, founder of Millbank Group. This initial connection became the starting point of a journey that would see us working closely together for the next six months. Our task was not only to re-brand the six companies within the Millbank Group – but also to solve the immediate need to future-proof the Land Academy training business, transforming it into a seamless online experience in response to Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions.

Paul instinctively knew that now was the crucial time to re-position his entire stable of companies ready for the new world order. We quickly got up-to-speed, immersing our team in all aspects of the Millbank offer. We started with brand strategy workshops to define their unique approach, as well as clarifying what they do across the Group, Land, Homes, Development Partners, Partnerships and Land Academy companies. Quickly grasping the breadth and complexities of the businesses within the Group, and building a strong relationship with Paul and his team, was paramount.

The reputation of Millbank Group and the personality of its founder form the pivot from which all communications now originate, and this is expressed across every arm of the business. Brand applications are now gathering pace: spanning brand guidelines, digital applications, training collateral, office tools, brochures, presentation decks and investor materials.

In the present climate, it’s never been more critical for your audiences to understand what you can do to help solve their problems, and more importantly, how you do it differently to everyone else. This is the only way to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. We’re so excited about this suite of work that will be coming to life very soon. Watch this space!


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