It’s the start of something new this season at TrustedLand. We are thrilled to announce we will be launching our brand new ‘Ask Our Expert’ series.

Have you ever wanted to ask a property accountant for advice on your budgeting but didn’t know where to start or whom to ask? Would you like to find out from a highly vetted interior designer insights on how to best optimise a space? Now is your perfect chance.

Our brand new ‘Ask Our Expert’ series is a unique opportunity for you to gain answers to all your burning questions first-hand from the key players within the SME property development scene: our top vetted TrustedLand members.

Comprising a wide range of highly respected professionals from planning consultants to lawyers, from property developers to accountants, investors and quantity surveyors to name but a few, the TrustedLand platform has you covered. Just Ask the question and Our Expert will take it from there.

What question would you like answered by a top vetted professional in their respected field?

Leave your question under our post:

Or send us a direct message via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, or email team@trustedland.co.uk.

Use the hashtag #AskOurExpert along with your name and one of our relevant and trusted expert members will answer your questions personally and directly.

Also, the top Q&As will be featured and shared over on our advice, so your questions could help someone else as well!

We can’t wait to see all your questions!


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