Indispensable software & benefits of organisation: In Conversation with Adam Sturdy

Q4. Can you name three pieces of software you use on a daily basis that you wouldn’t want to ever live without and why?

I could probably name more than 3…so I will.

Evernote – I have used this tool pretty much since it was launched (user number 900 or something like that)

Office 365 – This suite basically allows the traditional office to be virtually anywhere, as core apps like email, calendar, word, excel and file storage are online. I ensure that all recorded keeping is online first.

Xero – A simple tool for a relatively simple mind, so it allows me to understand the finances of multiple companies and how they stand.

Asana – Great for multi person work management, project management and planning

Arthur – A property management tool which is used for our portfolio to ensure all information is held, legal bits and pieces are complete and complement our appointed property manager.

CRM – Sometimes an area that is overlooked by small and medium business in the property investment and development space, but managing leads, deal flow, contact management can be efficiently enhanced with the CRM principles, even a basic one. Currently we use Pipedrive, although they all seem to have their own uniqueness.

Q5. Being a Property Developer is a tough job and some find it challenging to prioritise organisation and procedures over other seemingly more pressing issues. What are the main measurable benefits Pinstone Group have experienced thanks to a proficient internal system and organised workflows?

I feel the level of overall productivity (in terms of capital and development projects and assets) of the company is above average, and the operational cost base is low.


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