In Conversation with Manni Chopra, Real Developer

Q1. Your main business is to find, analyse and execute property refurbishment and development projects using a combination of your own and private investor funds in Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire. What’s your current methodology when sourcing new properties to work on?

We find deals through a number of channels including but not limited to commercial property agents who are qualified RICS surveyors and understand your requirements. We have a system to find land and commercial deals via planning portal & using tools like Nimbus and LandInsight. We send letters directly to vendors, register with off-market agents, go through the open market portals like Rightmove, Estates gazette. We often get deals through social media connections mainly LinkedIn.

Q2. As a husband and wife team, you collaborate with a number of external professionals on your projects. What part of procuring and working with external teams do you find most challenging? What are your top tips for successful collaborations with your suppliers?

A.           Finding the right team and right skillset to work within the right budget for small developers.

B.           Early communication with all professionals about breakdown, scope of works, time scales for delivery and costs will save a lot of grief later.

Q3. You have now spent a number of years in the property game and a have over 20 projects under your belt; if you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give yourself, to be a more proficient Property Developer and avoid some of the pitfalls you had to go through?

In hindsight I would play to my strengths, focus more on the task, take more risks and work with private investors rather than banks.


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