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Membership Rates & Offering changes for 1st June 2019

Pricing increases are never necessarily ‘welcomed’, especially when it comes to your things like gas and electric. I, however, believe that our members which very soon see the benefit and return on investment as we enter our next phase of business offering.

TrustedLand is now proud to be working with 285+ Approved Members through the TrustedLand platform, providing referrals, profile building and credibility enhancing opportunities for property development members across the South-East.

Since launching in September 2018, TrustedLand has brought on new high-level board members top enhance member offerings, a recent design upgrade to member profiles and the onboarding of our first community manager, in the form the amazing Giuliana Ruocco, created a turning point in our ability to talk to, promote and introduce our awarded members.

Our future is very positive, considering the growth and support achieved so far, and the team believe that the return on investment by members will be strongly recognised as we invest further into our offering and ability to make exciting introductions, and put our members into unique opportunities.

With this activity, comes investment, and as we pass the 9-month mark of service, we will be increasing the membership rates for TrustedLand, along with tiered access rates for Developers Boardroom, to support this growth and membership offering. As of 1st June 2019, we will be pricing membership as follows:

  • Bronze Membership: (no change) £395
  • Silver Membership: £695 moving to £995 
  • Gold Membership: £1,295 moving to £1,995

All rates exclude VAT. Active from 1st June 2019

Alongside TrustedLand new rates, Developers Boardroom will also move to the following tiered access rates:

  • Boardroom Access for Non-members: £85
  • Boardroom Access for Bronze TrustedLand Members: £55
  • Boardroom Access for Silver & Gold TrustedLand Members: £35

All rates exclude VAT. Active from 1st June 2019

Annual Developers Boardroom Pass

We understand that for some Developers Boardroom attendees, such as investors, that TrustedLand in it’s current format, is not the most relevant besides purely procuring professionals, therefore we will also be introducing an annual pass (10 visits) for non-members, priced at just £650, and can be organised through Giuliana at team@TrustedLand.co.uk


Additional Benefits for Members

For all new members joining us from 1st June at the new pricing, there will be some additional bonuses in the form of complimentary access to Developers Boardroom, to further enhance your network, knowledge and relationships with other accredited members.

Members joining us at the new pricing from 1st June can look forward to the following bonuses:

Bronze – One inclusive Developers Boardroom pass

Silver – Three inclusive Developers Boardroom pass

Gold – Six inclusive Developers Boardroom pass

All members will also receive a 20% off the normal rate for all major events, such as The Dinner and The Conference going forward, as well as receiving priority booking access and VIP seating.

Myself and the team will be working hard to make sure that members and attendees can clearly identify the benefits, and we hope that you will continue to support us in our effort to build the reputation and potential for the SME property development space, as well as driving forward our effort to #ChampiotheGoodOnes.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you at both TrustedLand and Developers Boardroom.


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