Finalists revealed for TrustedLand Awards 2020

Having an opportunity to recognise hard-working, progressive and reputable peers is one of those human experiences that provides a unique sense of togetherness and pride. Now, this is possibly needed more than ever, as we’ve been kept apart.

TrustedLand, supported by event partners CrowdProperty, are extremely pleased to announce the dozens of Finalists nominated in the 2020 TrustedLand Awards over 10 categories.

Join us on the 12th of August 2020, 4pm – 6pm, alongside the Finalists, our fantastic judges, partners CrowdProperty and BeKnown, with features from the amazing Tom Bloxham, Urban Splash, and John Burns, formerly of Derwent plc to congratulate the nominee’s and discover the 2020 winners.

Last year, they earned their Real Developer status having completed several development projects, presenting themselves in an accessible and open manner online, and establishing a quality brand, with legacy in mind: 

Fleet Homes

Ridgepoint Homes

London Green

Chopra Property Group

Rehoboth Property International

Open Vu

Broadwing Homes

Henley Homes

A fundamental pillar of the TrustedLand community, the Architects involved with TrustedLand have been exemplary for proactiveness and professionalism throughout 2020. Congratulations to those who have gone the extra mile to build outstanding profiles, service and track records:

Kristofer Adelaide Architecture.

Formed Architects & Designers

Inhabitat Design Studios

GUNN Associates

Vita Architecture

Studio LK


Some of the finest in their field, these Planners have gone above and beyond to show support to the community, displaying genuine desire to help their peers thrive, whilst showing impressive subject knowledge fed by dedicated learning and practice:

Planning Insight

Pegasus Group

DRK Planning

C7 Architects

Prepared, capable, reliable: these property professionals know no limit when it comes to supporting their client. Whether is to get a deal over the line or finding the perfect way to use the available space, our nominees are used to exceeding expectations on a daily basis:

Engage. Communicate. Facilitate (ECF)

Keystone Wealth Management


Happy Place Design

Tariq Mubarak Solicitor & Consultant

Aureum Finance

ConsultNett Property

They have brought the power of the community to live by seizing the day and using their involvement with TrustedLand to get themselves in front of the right people. They have taken advantage of every opportunity and managed to build solid rapports based on trust and mutual respect, showing passion, talent and determination. 

– CrowdPropertyLighthouse Capital Group and Ferrata Property Group

– Planning Insight and Kristofer Adelaide Architecture.

– Keystone Wealth Management and Lighthouse Capital Group

– Ademchic and Broadwing Homes

– Open Vu and Chopra Property Group

– Gunn Associates and Broadwing Homes

Personally acknowledged by their peers for going out their ways to put their time and knowledge in helping others progress and succeed:

Adam Stiles, Keystone Wealth Management

Tariq Mubarak, Tariq Mubarak Solicitor & Consultant

Paul Farr, C7 Architects

Lindsey Kelman, Typematic

Nikhil Patel, Flamingo Investment Group

Helping the best players of the SME Property scene in London and the South East meet and learn from each other has always been one of our core missions. These nominees have shown to believe in that mission and time and time again have made themselves available to help us fulfill it:

Richard Peutherer, Inspired Equity

Tariq Mubarak, Tariq Mubarak Solicitor & Consultant

Adam Stiles, Keystone Wealth Management

Manni Chopra, Chopra Property Group

Whether they are the ones coming up with new solutions to old problems or simply pioneering new best practices, these are the foresighted individuals who possess 2020 Vision and a call to push the Industry forward:

Dominic Howard-Noel, Drawbotic

Mike Bristow, CrowdProperty

Karolina Adamczyk, Ademchic

Duncan Gunn, GUNN Associates

Mattia Santi, SASI Studio

Barbara Bochnak, ITO Lab

They wear their Membership like a badge of honour and their enthusiasm for TrustedLand and the community is contagious, we are humbled and grateful for these nominees:

Kristofer Adelaide, Kristofer Adelaide Architecture

George Ball, Open Vu

Immanuel Ezekiel, Broadwing Homes

Peter Higginbottom, Planning Insight

Duncan Gunn, GUNN Associates

Adam Stiles, Keystone Wealth Management

These are brands with a higher purpose. Not only are they looking at doing something so groundbreaking and impressive today that they will be remembered tomorrow, they also want to do it with an immaculate reputation and obvious respect from their peers. 

Lighthouse Capital Group

Keystone Wealth Management

Flamingo Investment Group


Broadwing Homes


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