Duncan Gunn has noticed that some people within the property development space seem to be aware of only a portion of the services Architects can supply.

Did you ever ask yourself “What can a general Architect provide to me?

Knowing what you can realistically expect from your Architect will allow you to exploit this partnership to the fullest.

GUNN Associates for instance supply an array of services that many times customers had no idea were available to them.

They offer a holistic approach and specialise in the below sectors:

  • Large scale domestic properties for private clients
  • Developer led mixed used residential schemes
  • Commercial Sector of fitouts and office buildings and industrial
  • Higher and private end of education

They position themselves on the market as Development Consultants as well as Architects.

They start off with their Clients at pre-purchase stage (when the client is a Developer) or pre-planning. They then assist the Customers with viability and feasibility.

Interior design, health and safety management, CGI visuals, branding and marketing, micro websites, digital brochures and brand awareness are all part of the services they provide.

Their holistic approach allows them to be effectively Professional Advisers who can give support also on contracts and procurement.

Duncan’s advice is to bear that in mind with any of your architects. Do they work in your sector? If you operate in the Commercial space, is Commercial also their area of expertise? Look at their experience, talk to the real people.

What are the range of services they provide? They might provide more than you think!

Thanks Duncan for this insightful piece and for your continuous support to TrustedLand and Developers Boardroom.


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