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SASI Studio architects, designers and engineers operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and technology. We work with the latest technologies to deliver great quality design and contemporary spaces.
  • Formed: 2019
  • Track Record: 2
  • Team: 1-2 Employees
  • Insights: 1
  • Location: London
  • Recommendations: 2

Track Record Development Projects

House B Project
London, Greater London
Units: 1 House Unit
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: Extension
House S Project
Angel, Greater London
Units: 1 House Unit
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: Refurbishment


Team Size: 1-2 Employees
Year Formed: 2019

SaSi Studio is a young team of designers with a wide experience on several projects, gained in international practices, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, Farshid Moussavi Architecture, Robofold, Alvisi Kirimoto and Partners. We work on projects at different scales, in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban developments. We work on residential, commercial and hospitality projects, approaching them with a new sensibility for modularity, sustainability and smart technology. We develop these project using efficient digital work-flows based on BIM, Parametric Modelling, Data Analysis and Virtual Reality.

We are interested in people and the way they interact with the space. As part of the generation of the new data driven users, we are passionate about computational design and how it can improve the quality of our buildings by taking into account complex phenomena and multiple stakeholders. Our mission is to deliver projects that can better respond to clients needs by making use of available data predicting the building usage and social interactions, to create better spaces for people to live and work.

With a strong technical background our company incorporate the possibilities offered by digital fabrication technologies from the early stages of the design process, in order to develop high-end design proposal that maximize standardization and modularity, creating the potential for relevant savings in the construction pipeline.

Accreditations & Associations

RIBA Chartered Architect


2 recommendations
Great Architects

We selected SaSi Studio to design our new home and they came up with an astonishing design proposal that satisfied our needs. They have been able to create a strong sense of space, a very elegant selection of lights and materials. Their experience in architecture projects at different scales led to a successul design proposal, taking care of every detail.

By Katie Holloway on 26/02/2020

Professional Architecture Company

We commissioned to SASi Studio a design concept for a new property we purchased in central London. They come out with an interesting idea, well documented and developed in terms of planning layout and structure. Moreover they are very good with technology and CGI so they gave us the possibility of fully understand the idea and the materials already in early concept stage. They have a solid experience in residential and commercial developments. I can definitely recommend to work with them.

By Lewis Davison on 26/02/2020


SASI Studio

St Peter's Street
London, London N1 8JT

Angel Station