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These requirements come from a section of society branded as retirees albeit at varying ages and for many different reasons. This sector has influenced the way that we look to market and advertise properties in order to achieve the greatest exposure, to a captive audience and to do it efficiently. Experience has taught us that to label every retiree as looking for the same thing is foolish and incorrect however, there is a commonality in the required features that the vast majority are looking for and this commonality has steered us towards particular property types and developments.

The retirement market currently carries an image that only represents a segment of those who we look to cover when in reality, it consists of a wide array of buyers and tenants ranging from those who retire out of choice and personal circumstance in their 30's to those out of necessity in the latter part of typical retirement. It is our mission to represent the entire spectrum of this sector and in the long term, to dispel any antiquated thinking surrounding it.


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