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Kiren Gill, as a Property Sourcer, Developer and Investor, established Parachute Properties Ltd in 2015. We source and develop exclusive property deals and opportunities for investors and developers across England.
  • Formed: 2015
  • Track Record: 1
  • Team: 1-2 Employees
  • Insights: 0
  • Location: London
  • Recommendations: 2

Track Record Development Projects

West Ealing Conversion
Ealing, Greater London
Units: 2 Mixed-Use Units
Completion Date: 22/02/2020
Status: Completed
Development Type: Conversion


Team Size: 1-2 Employees
Year Formed: 2015

Parachute Properties specialise in identifying residential and commercial properties across England, including land with or without planning permission.

We work with high net-worth individuals, sophisticated investors and other developers via Joint Ventures or on a deal basis, also collaborating with experienced property professionals to deliver successful projects.

Through our diligent sourcing process, we analyse each investment opportunity, negotiating to ensure that it is a true deal that stacks up to create a win-win scenario.

Parachute Properties' Director, Kiren Gill, has presented our recent Commercial to Residential project and Deal Process at various high-profile property meets and events such as Baker Street, London Property Meet and Partners in Property. The project was also exhibited on Property Expert, Ranjan Bhattacharya’s YouTube channel as a case study, refer to the link below to see more.


2 recommendations

We have been working with Kiren and successfully completed deals. Opportunities she brings are feasible and provides desired ROI. She is very collaborative, works with us side by side from idea to completion. Kiren has been adding massive value to our end-to-end process. Looking forward for many deals to work on.

By Rachel on 14/08/2018


Kiren is very nice, honest, conscientious. I know Kiren as a land sourcer. Her character is totally great and she is really lovely and trustworthy. She is professional in what she does in her capacity as a land sourcer.

By Rachel on 13/08/2018


Parachute Properties

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