Lighthouse Capital Group Basic
The Lighthouse Capital Group was founded in late 2017 by Diksesh Patel in response to an ever growing demand for higher GDV projects from investors seeking to diversify with experienced partners and opportunities.
  • Formed: 2018
  • Track Record: 7
  • Team: 6-10 Employees
  • Insights: 1
  • Location: North London
  • Recommendations: 3

Track Record Development Projects

Hackney Road, London
London, Greater London
Units: 7 Apartment Units
Completion Date: 01/01/2019
Status: Completed
Development Type: New Build
Kingston - 6 Flats
Kingston, Surrey
Units: 6 Apartment Units
Completion Date: 20/01/2031
Status: Completed
Development Type: New Build
Bridge House - Lichfield
Lichfield, West Midlands
Units: 22 Apartment units
Status: Permitted Development
Development Type: New Build
Crystal Palace - 5 Flats
Crystal Palace, Greater London
Units: 5 Apartment units
Status: Without Planning
Development Type: New Build
Harrow, Greater London
Units: 6 Apartment units
Status: Without Planning
Development Type: New Build
Cranmore House
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Units: 34 Apartment units
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: Planning Gain
45 Studio HMO Conversion
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Units: Apartment unit
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: Conversion


Team Size: 6-10 Employees
Awards Won: TrustedLand Collaboration Award 2020
Year Formed: 2018

A property entrepreneur with over 25 years of investing in property, including: Buy-to-Let, HMOs, Planning Gain and Distressed Assets.

A passion for health and fitness having lost over 50kg at the age of 50 and appearing in a number of men’s health publications. 

As Diksesh points out this was as much about mindset and nutrition as it was working out.

A regular on Club House where he is valued for his honest no holds barred views on property investing, human behaviour and mental wellbeing.

He is a sought after speaker covering topics such as due diligence, joint ventures and mindset.

Additionally he offers a range of property education programmes from group coaching to executive level support.


3 recommendations

After working with Diksesh for only a short amount of time I was very impressed with his knowledgeable and methodical approach to property development. He is very honest and transparent and communicates any changes in a timely fashion. Due diligence is one of Diksesh’s strengths and really gives him an edge above other developers. He will always put the investor first and I am happy to call him a close friend.

By Jet on 03/12/2018


Diksesh’s approach of dealing in property and land is methodical and he looks at all aspects of property matters - be it costs, legal compliance, valuation , funding, borrowing etc. Having understood the area he is dealing in, he will make a number of enquiries of the project in hand. Dealing with colleagues and joint venture partners he is open and frank in his explanation and understanding of the project he is looking at. I have always found him be professional in his approach and also consider him to be a reliable and respectable person. Diksesh has dealt with a number of property acquisitions and has been successful at it.

By Rachel on 14/08/2018


Through our time together he has shown me to be trustworthy, and true to his core values of doing right by people even if that means that he has personally lost out. This is something he has demonstrated to investors when necessary. I have the utmost respect for the professionality and the manner in which Diksesh conducts himself. He has taken the time to learn the property business inside and out, and continues to learn from people he surrounds himself with. He is a respected and sought after public speaker talking on topics such as Successful Joint Ventures and the importance of due diligence.

By Rachel on 13/08/2018


Lighthouse Capital Group

14 Goodhall Close,
London, North London HA7 4FR

Harrow, Kingston, Farnborough, Crystal Palace, London, South East, Midlands