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ITOLab is an international multidisciplinary studio of architects and designers founded by siblings Barbara and Jan Bochnak. We are recognized for our steadfast belief in the importance of design that connects to people and places.
  • Formed: 2012
  • Track Record: 5
  • Team: 6-10 Employees
  • Insights: 0
  • Location: London
  • Recommendations: 0

Track Record Development Projects

Middle Row
London, Greater London
Units: 5 Apartment Units
Completion Date: 01/01/2020
Status: Completed
Development Type: Planning Gain
London, Greater London
Units: 36 Apartment Units
Status: Without Planning
Development Type: New Build
Manchester Road
Tower Hamlets , Greater London
Units: 16 Apartment units
Status: Outline Planning
Development Type: Airspace
Bridge Wharf
Battersea , Greater London
Units: 157 Co-living units
Status: Outline Planning
Development Type: Airspace
Tower Hamlets, Greater London
Units: 96 Apartment units
Status: Permitted Development
Development Type: Airspace


Team Size: 6-10 Employees
Year Formed: 2012

Our reputation and success is built around an exceptionally talented, go-getting and innovative team who understand that outstanding architecture is determined by client collaboration, creative design, environmental awareness and building innovation.

Viewing architecture as a service, not a product, we strive to design beautiful, textured, warm balanced spaces, sensitively reacting to client requirements and constraints.

We design from Inside To Outside (ITO). We analyse human behaviour and treat it as an engine of architectural and place-making design. For clients space is the system and interface. They are not concerned with the type of architectural discipline used on a project, their focus is that it looks and works well.

Our process creates and facilitates built environments that enhance quality of life and people interactions and which support a healthy active lifestyle, having a profound, positive effect on individual users and communities. Our collaborative approach focuses on behavioural
psychology and neuro-architecture, both of which inform our intuitive design.

We are part of a circular system in which we shape spaces that in turn shape us. Whether we’re designing offices, housing, mixed-use schemes, producing plans for retail, leisure buildings or developing place-making and urban schemes, our mission remains steadfast – to make people happy!

Accreditations & Associations

RIBA Chartered Architect


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7-10 Adam Street
London, London WC2N 6AA