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We are London and South-East based Architects working all over the UK on residential, commercial, education, and industrial developments. Architects Designers Masterplanners.
  • Formed: 2018
  • Track Record: 6
  • Team: 6-10 Employees
  • Insights: 3
  • Location: London & the South East
  • Recommendations: 6

Track Record Development Projects

More Close, Purley
Croydon, Greater London
Units: 9 Apartment Units
Completion Date: 27/07/2020
Status: Completed
Development Type: New Build
Castle Point
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Units: 20 Apartment Units
Status: Build Underway
Development Type: New Build
Exmouth Street
London, Greater London
Units: 14 Apartment units
Status: Outline Planning
Development Type: New Build
Chiswick High Road
London, Greater London
Units: 9 Mixed-Use units
Status: Without Planning
Development Type: New Build
Cherwell Street
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Units: 20 Mixed-Use units
Completion Date: 27/07/2020
Status: Completed
Development Type: New Build
Selcroft Road
Croydon, Greater London
Units: 9 Apartment units
Status: Build Underway
Development Type: New Build


Team Size: 6-10 Employees
Awards Won: TrustedLand Architect of the Year 2020
Year Formed: 2018

GUNN is a London and South-East based practice of Architects.

We have a very simple process: we experience and analyse the site and its context; we listen to our clients: we always keep an open stream of Clients & Architects dialogue: we understand the impact of our schemes; we act professionally and give good, considered advice. We are firm believers that we are always learning and that we should always listen and empathise with the stakeholders in our projects; this is how we develop and add value to our clients’ developments.

Our Team comprises passionate, intelligent, and professional individuals, all with the same ethos of exceeding our clients’ expectations through creative and professional thinking;

Forming a cohesive team of Architects, we supports our clients at all stages of their projects. Each member of our team embraces learning, thought leadership, and creative problem-solving as the mainstay of our Architectural methodology.

We subscribe to a vision of contemporary, contextual Architecture, that exceeds our clients’ aspirations. We design with the intent that our schemes will be experienced by people for years to come, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We embrace technology to streamline our methods and make our service Architectural efficient for our clients.

In listening to, and understanding, our clients we form trusting relationships, allowing us to give professional Architectural advice and beyond that is personal to each client.

Gunn Associates, Architects Designers Masterplanners

Accreditations & Associations

RIBA Chartered Architect


6 recommendations
Highly Recommended!

Duncan and the team at Gunn Associates have always been swift, accurate, accommodating and professional. There is also a great value-add element to their work which is invaluable. We would certainly recommend them as professionals architects to do business with.

By Chris Price on 04/12/2020

Highly recommend

We have now worked with Duncan and his team on 4 different development schemes and have been impressed with their professionalism, flexibility and skill. Their designs are beautiful and creative, and have helped us to deliver projects of real quality. They're a lot of fun to work with too!

By Ben Keenan on 25/11/2020

Brilliant Architecture Firm!

We've known and worked with the team at Gunn Associates for several years, and they have always been great fun to work with. Duncan and his entire team go above and beyond to work with us and deliver fantastic multi-unit residential schemes. They're always open to incorporating a range of ideas, and will consider each site on its merits, and this leads to beautifully designed schemes. They understand the development process from start to finish, and empathise with the developers aspirations, rather than just delivering a simple building design. Would highly recommend!

By Nikhil Patel on 24/11/2020

You should talk to these guys

Gunn Associates are a passionate practice that find the right balance between creativity and commerciality. They are problem solvers who will add so much more than just design; they will help you find solutions to your design challenges always with a mind on your commercial interests. I've always found it such a pleasure to spend time with the team; their enthusiasm is infectious. They are thinkers but not dreamers. I highly recommend talking to Gunn for architectural solutions.

By Satvinder Hothi on 23/07/2019

Excellent collaboration

We had the pleasure to work with Duncan and his team on 2 developments of 9 units. Gunn Associates care about detail, always follow up, are easy to deal with and have the same ethos as Ademchic when it comes to making customers happy and over-delivering. I would not hesitate to recommend Gunn Associates to anybody looking for an architect to join his professional circle. Two projects down and looking forward to work together on another one!

By Karolina Adamczyk on 09/07/2019

Dynamic & professional

We have had the pleasure of working with Duncan and his team at Gunn Associates on a number of developments. And it really is a pleasure. The entire team delivers enthusiasm, energy and professional excellence in everything they do as well as the (very necessary) ability to have some fun along the way. We have no hesitation in recommending Gunn & Associates to any other developer or land owner looking for an architect that understands property, and knows how to design beautiful and cost effective buildings.

By Immanuel Ezekiel on 06/06/2019


GUNN Associates, Architects Designers Masterplanners

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