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We are the UK’s leading provider of eco self-build communities.

We can support you to design and build your dream home in a high quality community development. Your home will be sustainable, resilient to climate change and crafted to your lifestyle. Your home will be built with a community of like-minded people who care for their neighbours and planet.

If you would like to join us and create your own bright green future, then please register to be informed when plots or homes become available. Together we create a living movement.


125 Lower Cheltenham Place
Berkshire BS6 5LB

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  • Self-build – your plot includes advice & support, community facilitation and shared infrastructure.
  • Self-finish – we build the shell for you and you fit it out to your specification and personalised design
  • Custom build – you purchase a completed home. You work with us to tailor your house to your needs and specification
  • Approved Partner


2 Reviews

Working with Steffie is an absolute pleasure. Steffie is someone who demonstrates vision-led leadership in every aspect of her work. Day to day Steffie oversees a wide range of work that is complex in nature, yet she always seem to meet all challenges and rewards with playfulness and enthusiasm that makes teamwork an always-on positive experience. Most of all Steffie has an impeccable ability to listen to all fully, creating a company culture where openness and generosity are consistent experiences for anybody who comes into contact with Bright Green Futures, which is a direct reflection of Steffie. Steffie is very knowledgeable in her specialised field, yet she's never afraid to ask questions that demonstrate a lack of knowledge or vulnerability, ironically, its the very thing that makes her so strong understanding complex details.

August 2018

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Landowner Recommendation

Steffie and her company met with us to explain how they work and made an offer on our land. It was a smooth and no fuss transaction. We would definitely work alongside Steffie and her company again. When they made the offer they also gave us a completion date which we was very happy with and they managed to complete well before the target date. We were well informed by Steffie in stages as and when something info was sought. Very professional.

August 2018

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