Our Vision: The Apogee Developments Vision is to develop and deliver affordable luxury homes to the market with people and community at its heart. We pride ourselves in developing sustainable luxury homes and creating shared value.
This is underpinned by our highest values of developing whilst preserving sustainability, full circle economy, using products with embodied carbon where feasible, managing waste more efficiently and installing eco-technology to lower the overall carbon usage of property and developing to a more sustainable standard of properties.


Our Goals: One of Apogee Developments primary goals to achieve this Vision is to work with partners who share the same values to improve the development and house building sectors. Apogee Developments has aligned with some of the very best sustainable designers, architects, engineers, contractors and landowners who all share these values to deliver more considered and low carbon impact schemes.
We are proud to be recognised as a top vetted developer within the property development scene.


Our Strategy: Apogee Developments is leveraging the latest eco-technology and employing the best sustainability professionals to develop and deliver the most luxurious, innovative, sustainable and intelligently designed residential developments on the market, as we believe this can all be achieved whilst sharing value with our investment partners, customers, professional teams and landowners along the whole value chain.


Kemp House
160 City Road
London EC1V 2NX

Offices in London & Croydon
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  • * Property Developers
  • * Transparent
  • * Win-Win
  • * Prudent
  • * Collaborative
  • * Dealmaker
  • * Land with or without planning
  • * All sites within a 60 min commute of London
  • * Maximum site purchase up to £10m
  • * Pure residential and/or mixed-use schemes
  • * Developers
  • * Development
  • Approved Partner


3 Reviews
Reliable property developers

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Apogee Group and I am pleased to vouch for their ethic and reliability. Apogee Group take their role as property developers very seriously and will do all that is in their power to fulfill and surpass their clients expectations. They are a true asset to any development site.

June 2019

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“I’ve known Steven for 6 months and in my opinion he’s a really decent guy. Very determined and honorable. Good attention to detail and smart."

August 2018

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Landowner recommendation

“Steve’s company has been engaged to build and renovate several things for me over the years. He has firstly remodelled our current house top to bottom, as well as my first flat. He has also built a granny annex on to my existing house, he built our wedding gazebo, a large adventure playground and tree house for our children and completed many landscaping projects for us. We have used other contractors in the past, but have always been let down. When we started working with Steve we were always impressed by his professionalism, keen eye for detail, and the care of his finish. That’s why we have always continued to use Steve on every construction project going forward. He has even come and put right other builders work. I have recommended him to many friends.” April 2018

August 2018

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