Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?


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Spend £100 to increase turnover by £225... tell me how!

Spend £100 to increase turnover by £225... tell me how!

How much value are you giving away, yes, giving away, by leaving interiors of your projects to chance (or to your contractor)?

May 3, 2019


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"I would be delighted to recommend the Ademchic team they have provided us with two well-presented show homes. With such short turn around times I was amazed at how the spaces and photos we received looked. They have certainly added a wow factor to our development. Give them a call to add something special to your development." Recommendation from Raj Shah, Property Developer

May 2019

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Fantastic Design!

It was fantastic to meet with Karolina, Olivia and Pilar to discuss the possibility of working alongside one another on upcoming projects. The work they are doing is extremely exciting, and they truly do make their interior styled homes look more appealing! Their CGI images in particular impressed us greatly.

December 2018

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Outstanding design

I’ve followed the progress of Ademchic as well as Karolina’s own projects over the past few years and there’s no doubt that she delivers an incredibly high quality product. She and her team are hard working, dedicated and talented. The showhomes come to life to sell buyers the dream. Their success is shown in their results.

November 2018

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