ADEMCHIC Professional
ADEMCHIC helps developers maximise their returns by ensuring their properties sell as quickly as possible for the best possible values, by curating cost-effective and sellable interiors and producing stunning CGIs, brochures and show homes.
  • Formed: 2016
  • Track Record: 3
  • Team: 6-10 Employees
  • Insights: 2
  • Location: London
  • Recommendations: 10

Track Record Development Projects

Warple Lofts
Ealing, West London
Units: 1-10 Apartment Unit
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: Conversion
Brompton Gardens
West End, Surrey
Units: 1-10 House Unit
Completion Date: Not Known
Status: Completed
Development Type: New Build


Team Size: 6-10 Employees
Awards Won: TrustedLand Industry Innovator Award 2020 Winner
Awards Nominated: TrustedLand Collaboration Award 2020 Nominee, TrustedLand Industry Innovator Award 2020 Nominee - Karolina Adamczyk Legacy Award 2020 Nominee
Year Formed: 2016

We are a property development consultancy that helps developers sell properties fast. 

With a team of experienced designers, CGI artists and marketing experts, we understand development. 

We create unique and attractive development identities that increase perceived value of our clients’ development projects in the eyes of potential buyers. 

With our knowledge, experience, and market insight we know what will add value to our clients’ sites. We help developers deliver the best possible homes within an available budget and ensure the marketing collateral allows buyers to visualise the aspirational lifestyle.


10 recommendations
Beyond impressive ⚡️

Blown away with the sheer quality of the projects I have seen Karolina and her team transform. It’s actually staggering how many plates they can spin and still deliver to the highest standards. The work ethic is astonishing. The results speak for themselves. I love all the social media updates, as for the CGI’s, they are incredible. I without a doubt, recommend working with Ademchic.

By Michelle Bryant on 01/09/2019


"I would be delighted to recommend the Ademchic team they have provided us with two well-presented show homes. With such short turn around times I was amazed at how the spaces and photos we received looked. They have certainly added a wow factor to our development. Give them a call to add something special to your development." Recommendation from Raj Shah, Property Developer

By Rachel Gregorowski on 02/05/2019

Fantastic Design!

It was fantastic to meet with Karolina, Olivia and Pilar to discuss the possibility of working alongside one another on upcoming projects. The work they are doing is extremely exciting, and they truly do make their interior styled homes look more appealing! Their CGI images in particular impressed us greatly.

By Nikhil on 11/12/2018

Outstanding design

I’ve followed the progress of Ademchic as well as Karolina’s own projects over the past few years and there’s no doubt that she delivers an incredibly high quality product. She and her team are hard working, dedicated and talented. The showhomes come to life to sell buyers the dream. Their success is shown in their results.

By Sara on 09/11/2018

Top quality

We have started discussing several projects with Karolina and her team and have found them insightful, knowledgeable and creative.

By Duncan Gunn on 05/11/2018

Above and beyond

Karolina and her team over-deliver on so many aspects of her projects. She treats each one with the care, attention and dedication as if it were her own home. I have retained Ademchic for a number of projects, most recently a substantial gutting and refurbishment of a prime central London flat within the curtilage of a listed building. The processes, approvals, tradesmen and personalities they had to manage were no small feat. They were flexible and understanding with my changing requirements and produced something I think no other designer could possibly have provided for me. She also completed a home staging project for me last year, which was so successful that I wanted to stay in the house and not sell it! The speed, price and quality of offers was no doubt enhanced by using Ademchic's services.

By Helen Chorley on 19/10/2018

Above & beyond the rest!!

“Working with other highly recommended professionals is always key to achieving great results. Myself and Ben Butkus have just received the pictures of our show home at our latest development. Karolina Adamczyk & her team did a phenomenal job at very short notice. Highly recommended.”

By Raouf Belmouloud on 17/10/2018

Great service - and great results

We’ve been working with Ademchic for over a year now, and Karolina has helped style 4 of our show homes and also provided development specs for 2 of our developments. We continue working with Ademchic because we see great value in their services. The way they style and design our homes, makes them very attractive in the market and has enabled us to sell them quicker and at higher prices.

By Thomas on 17/10/2018

A must-have service for serious developers

Our company recently engaged Ademchic's services to specify and furnish the interiors of our 10-unit residential development in the South West of England. We have found Karolina and her team to be highly engaged and efficient. They have impressed our CEO and investors alike with their designs and behind-the-scenes negotiations with suppliers. We are now about to instruct them on a much larger project of 22 units. Karolina's team are very pleasant and respond quickly. It is refreshing to be working with a company that takes so much work away from us, and does it to such a high standard. We are confident that our Ademchic-styled show home will result in quicker sales (= reduced finance charges) and higher prices (= increased GDV). We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ademchic, though we are keen not to share our secret too widely!

By Claire Norwood on 17/10/2018

Great service

I have known the ladies at Ademchic for a little while their work is exceptional, they do not apply a signature style across every project. Instead they allow the project/demographic and building character to dictate their style. This means every project is different and unique. They are passionate about design, detail and perfectionism. They do not follow and replicate styles that are 'on trend' but rather set their own trends which makes Ademchic extremely refreshing. Their developer knowledge is very high allowing them to apply this to each of their schemes maximising value and what sells and what doesn't. Highly recommend and definitely worth setting up a consultation meeting to find out more.

By Daniel on 02/10/2018



Ademchic, Unit 4, 14 Southgate Road
London, London N1 3LY