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The Power of the Written Word

Members have the option to write and publish articles here. Sharing your knowledge has a strong effect in reaching other professionals and drawing attention to your skills and ability. All helping define yourself and your company as a market leader.

“A picture tells a thousand words.” is a phrase we’ve all heard, but I can’t help but disagree.

The greatest books you’ve read, I’d suggest are not picture books. The knowledge gained from a well written piece is hard to quantify. Often the best text needs reading twice to be sure one has not missed a vital detail or hidden gem that can alter the entire meaning of the prose.

Any topic that requires great detail with specialist input needs genuine consideration. The rewards for sharing and inspiring others to return to you as a source of information will reap worthy rewards. I dare say most, if not all of you have read and been inspired by the books of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Stephen R Covey.

Spend some time to research something close to your heart, a topic you believe in and one that others would appreciate your perspective. Sharing your ideas stimulates conversation and collaboration.


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