Why is testing for Air Tightness important?

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12 July, 2019 By Robert & Adam Joselyn

Testing for air tightness is not just a legal obligation, it ensures dwellings are fit for use. An air tightness test is an indicator of how much air is leaking out, and therefore how much heat is escaping from a particular dwelling. A lack of attention to air leakage can result in:

  • Dampness and/ or rising damp
  • Excessive heat loss
  • Increased heating and energy bills
  • Drafts
  • Reduced comfort for those living inside the property

As a landlord or house builder, this would expose tenants and residents to unsatisfactory living conditions and as a developer; these unwanted consequences could make all the difference when it comes to selling or renting a development.

Failure to comply with part L1A of Building Regulations though can lead to a large fine and potential court action, so it is important that all standards are met, in order to achieve the necessary pass certificate for the property.

We offer the highest levels of service and expertise and are always happy to work with our customers to give you the best possible chance of achieving a pass certificate.

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Robert & Adam Joselyn are proud of having grown from a small, family-owned firm to one of the fastest growing building regulations testing specialists in the UK. They deliver testing to the highest standard, whilst offering the best commercial value.

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