The Royal Ballet School roof extension approved thanks to Cunnane Town Planning. A #TrustedCaseStudy

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09 August, 2019 By Giuliana Ruocco

A central site: 118 Warwick Way, City of Westminster.

A prestigious customer: The Royal Ballet School.




Cunnane Town Planning brilliantly overcame all challenges and obtained the planning permissions needed to alter the worldly renowned building hosting The Royal Ballet School in the heart of the City of Westminster.

The team presented an application to the City of Westminster to change the use of and implement some alteration of this Grade II listed building.

118 Warwick Way is situated within a conservation area, factor that added an extra layer of complexity to this project.

Despite a tricky policy stating that such extension would have not been allowed in that area and a contrary officer recommendation, a roof extension was finally approved thanks to Cunnane Town Planning outstanding work.

The Practice was proud to discharge all pre-commencement conditions after securing both planning permission and listed building consents.


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Written by

Giuliana Ruocco

Community Manager at TrustedLand

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Cunnane Town Planning

Oriel House, 26 The Quadrant
London, West LDN & City TW9 1DL