Spend £100 to increase turnover by £225... tell me how!

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03 May, 2019

Reading up on numbers today (developers love numbers, especially that one called ROI!!) and one figure that really made an impact on me was one by the Design Council - every £100 that a design-alert business spends on design, increases turnover by £225.

This is a figure from 2007 and since then people's tastes and needs were moving even more towards the direction of unique designs. Think about spaces that have very distinctive design identity - The Collective, WeWork etc. The model is simple: striking design identity = incremental profit! These brands attract users even if spaces they provide are smaller than what people can get with their competitors.

And I use "users" on purpose, because in the economy of utilisation and not ownership, target audiences of these brands are all about experience and not too bothered about long term hold. 

Why are small developers so slow (even with examples of successful brands?!) on adapting to this new economy and creating interiors that are an experience, that offer something more than an empty box...? Follow the money guys and realise you are leaving money on the table by not catering to the changing tastes of your potential clients!

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