Planning Insight wins again in LB Redbridge

by | May 24, 2022 | Choosing a Professional, Land Value, Planning & Design, Property Development

550-552 High Road – London Borough of Redbridge

Planning permission granted in December 2019 for redevelopment of site with a five-storey building providing 9 flats and ground floor retail.

Key facts:

  • The approval follows a previous consent on the site for 7 flats (obtained by others) so we enhanced the value of the site considerably.
  • With an extant permission, we demonstrated that the additional development was an efficient use of the land and delivered more dwellings in light of the Councils acute housing need.
  • We have an excellent working relationship with LB Redbridge and through pre-app discussions we were able to confirm early on that a height of 5 storeys was appropriate.
  • We were also able to secure permission swiftly following submission and no amendments necessary required from officers
  • All flats are of considerable quality, all exceeding minimum standards and all but one having large balconies/terraces.