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Where were all the retailers?

by Andrew Jackson on

Last week Andrew Jackson, Head of Development Economics, attended the retail and town centres session of the examination into the draft London Plan. Find out more!... Read full article

Planning & Infrastructure Monthly: May 2019

by Rory O'Loughlin on

May edition of ECF's Planning & Infrastructure Monthly... Read full article

Grant Leggett from Boyer, Guest Speaker at The Breakfast by Developers Boardroom

by Giuliana Ruocco on

We couldn't be more proud to have had our very own TrustedLand Member Grant Leggett, Director and Head of London at Boyer, as Guest Speaker to The Breakfast in Victoria yesterday. Find out more on the article!... Read full article

Excellent progress being made on Grade 1 refurbishment

by Karen Laughlin on

Site visit for C7 to Godalming project... Read full article

Introducing our brand new ‘Ask Our Expert’ series

by Giuliana Ruocco on

Do you have a Property related question but you don't know where to start and who to Ask? 'Ask Our Expert'!... Read full article

Ask Our Expert: Amit Dixit Design TrustedTip

by Giuliana Ruocco on

Architectural Designer Amit Dixit Design's first #TrustedTip and it's a handy reminder of what we should all be doing when approaching a new project. Click through to find out more.... Read full article

What can Amit Dixit Design bring to your development project?

by Giuliana Ruocco on

What are Amit Dixit Design's recent wins? What is it about TrustedLand that they find extraordinary? Hear it from the voice of the Company Director Amit Dixit in this special video edition of #AskOurEspert!... Read full article

Site visit to Guildford

by Karen Laughlin on

Onsite visit to residential project in Guildford.... Read full article

Designing with principle of "SpirMateria"

by Amit Dixit on

Spirit and Matter or Material are two sides of the same coin. The importance of Spirit of space and selection of materials awakens the senses of human and enhances the experience of space, making space "Timeless" and "Trends free". ... Read full article

When is the best time to start marketing your Development? Ademchic explain.

by Giuliana Ruocco on

Timing in the marketing of any property development is vital, especially now. We asked design experts Ademchic when is the best timing to start marketing a scheme and why #TrustedTip... Read full article