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Insights on London Borough of Redbridge from the last Planning Agents Forum

by Giuliana Ruocco on

London Borough of Redbridge talks backlog, validation requirements and future technologies at the last edition of the Planning Agents Forum. Peter Higginbottom of Planning Insight was there. #ADayInTheLife... Read full article

Grant Leggett from Boyer, Guest Speaker at The Breakfast by Developers Boardroom

by Giuliana Ruocco on

We couldn't be more proud to have had our very own TrustedLand Member Grant Leggett, Director and Head of London at Boyer, as Guest Speaker to The Breakfast in Victoria yesterday. Find out more on the article!... Read full article

Designing with principle of "SpirMateria"

by Amit Dixit on

Spirit and Matter or Material are two sides of the same coin. The importance of Spirit of space and selection of materials awakens the senses of human and enhances the experience of space, making space "Timeless" and "Trends free". ... Read full article

C7 Architects Planning team

by Karen Laughlin on

More success for the in-house planning team at C7 Architects ... Read full article

Consultation and Engagement: Managing reputation for SME developers

by Rory O'Loughlin on

What does your digital footprint say about you and how does that affect the success of your property development endeavours? ... Read full article

Where were all the retailers?

by Andrew Jackson on

Last week Andrew Jackson, Head of Development Economics, attended the retail and town centres session of the examination into the draft London Plan. Find out more!... Read full article

Summer Workshops on Architecture by Inhabitat Architects!

by Sandra Orlando Payne on

Longing to deliver HOUSES that feel like HOMES? Do you know how an ARCHITECT can help you achieve this? Exciting Workshop Opportunities on the topic on this piece by our very own members Inhabitat Architects.... Read full article

Want to boost your chances of obtaining your next Planning Permission? ECF's #TrustedTip

by Giuliana Ruocco on

Want to know why being prepared will boost your chances to obtain your next Planning Permission? Click through to find out more from Communication Specialists ECF.... Read full article

Ask Our Expert: GUNN Associates TrustedTip

by Giuliana Ruocco on

Second article of the 'Ask Our Expert' series. What's the first TrustedTip GUNN Associates shared with us you ask? Click through to read!... Read full article

Changes to Permitted Development - 25 May 2019

by Daniel Taylor on

The Government has issued amendments to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), the Statutory Instrument that allows certain works and operations to be carried out without the need for obtaining planning permission. ... Read full article