Panel Professionals Autumn Challenge 2021

Panel Professionals Autumn Challenge 2021


Running 1st September to 30th November 2021, this three-month challenge for the TrustedLand Approved Professional Panel will look for the most capable growth team of 2021. 



The Approved Professional firm that can create the most confirmed instructions in 2021 amongst Real Developers and other Panel peers will receive the title of 2021 Outstanding Panel Professional, and a fantastic prize bundle:


  • Dedicated Growth Campaign Strategy from Firestarter (worth £1,250)

  • Dedicated article in a leading SME industry magazine (worth £500)

  • Complimentary accreditation as Real Professional for 2022*

  • Recognition by LandAid in the dedicated article and social media

  • Title as ‘2021 Outstanding Panel Professional’ and collateral



Approved firms earn points based on the number of instructions and collaborations recorded alongside TrustedLand Real Developers and other Professionals.

All confirmed 2021 formal instructions prior to 31st August 2021 count as 1 point. 

All new instructions between 1st September 2021 and 30th November 2021 are worth 3 points. 



  • All 2021 entries must be submitted via this Project Submission form (you may submit as many times as needed)

  • Must create at least 3x Project Posts in private LinkedIn group of current live projects and tag TrustedLand


  • Instructions will be verified by the instructing Developer or partner Professional; although physical billing, payment or commencement for each project is not required



  • Professionals must have 100% complete profiles on and their TL credentials card up to date


  • Only one office location per entry


  • Panel membership must be fully active throughout three-month Autumn period


Formal Registration Opens 31st August 2021 - ENTER HERE NOW