Is Modular Housing a valid solution to Britain’s housing crisis?

As reported by the Government and it’s calculations, responding to the needs of housing in the UK would mean providing an extra 300,000 homes a year. Unfortunately, the goal was missed in both 2017 and 2018, when the target fell short by over 80,000 houses. (Crane, 2019)

For several years, property professionals from all over the world have been pouring their efforts and knowledge into finding effective answers to the increasing housing demand. The consistent growth of Modular Houses, make them a contender to be watched closely.

Hard-wearing and cheaper to heat, Modular Housing performs extremely well from an energy perspective.

Besides this, they are eco-friendly buildings thanks to the care and selectivity invested in the choice of the building materials.

The Governments’ politics speaks volumes about it’s sentiment for this building solution.

They intend to build 100,000 modular houses per year by 2020.

Numbers report approximately 15,000 being made every year so far, which means that we are looking at a pretty impressive 667% growth in one year.


Furthermore, the United Kingdom established Project Etopia, conceived with the ambitious target to construct over 21,000 modular homes by 2025 and upscaling its Ellesmere Port factory. (Lane, 2019)

Some Charities also decided to use Modular Housing technologies as an ally in the fight against homelessness. Centrepoint, whose scope it is to create solutions to combat youth homeless, plans to invest £15m in building 300 modular homes by 2021 across London and Greater Manchester. The aim is to allow adolescents to leave the charity’s housing, move into comfortable modular homes and allow a precious “bridging” time for them to achieve a stable employment position as well as allow them to reach financial independency. (Heath, 2019)


Facts show that modular housing has a pretty good shot at playing a pivotal role in the housing crisis resolution, however, will it put a definitive stop to it?

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