How important is it for a service provider to be flexible? A word with M. Chopra and S. O. Payne

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01 August, 2019 By Giuliana Ruocco

In this week's edition of #AskOurExpert we are featuring an inspiring interview to Manni Chopra held by Sandra Orlando Payne.

Manni is a Property Developer, Published Author and the Co-Founder of Chopra Property Group.

When RIBA ARB Chartered Architecht and Practice Director at Inhabitat Sandra Orlando Payne asked her: 


"What qualities do you look for in a professional to partner up with?"



Manni gave her an answer that some might find surprising.

She didn't say she'd look for someone who had won prestigious awards. Nor did she mention seeking for service providers with decades of experience.

What she looks for in her service providers is being able to relate to and connect with them.

As a Developer, she loves to feel heard, understood and she likes for her ideas to be taken on board where feasible. 

Service providers who might not yet have won prestigious accolades or have several years of experience under their belt, can certainly aim to secure exciting project by fine-tuning their listening and understanding skills, diplomacy and collaborative approach.

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Written by

Giuliana Ruocco

Community Manager at TrustedLand