10 Futuristic Technologies that are changing Construction - Part One

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17 June, 2019 By Steven Barrett

Technology in construction comes with devising innovative new ways of constructing and whilst the changing future of construction is largely unknown, there are some construction technology trends that are paving the way for certain futuristic construction technology. So, what can we definitely expect the future to hold for construction?

Today we look closer at the first futuristic construction technology you'll want to know all about.


Self-healing concrete

Millions of pounds are invested in maintaining, fixing and restoring roads, buildings, tunnels and bridges annually. This is because all concrete eventually cracks and needs to be restored. Self healing concrete would add years to a building’s life and be an enormous help time-wise and financially. The science behind this technological marvel shows itself when water enters a crack. This reactivates the bacteria that was mixed in during the mixing process. When the bacteria is activated, it excretes calcite which then heals the crack.


So what are the other futuristic technologies changing the future of construction?
Keep watching this space for the other parts of this article!

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Self Healing Concrete - CNN reporting

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