10 Futuristic Technologies that are changing Construction - Part Two

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01 July, 2019 By Steven Barrett

We opened the first of this 10 parts articles introducing you to the impressive Self-healing Concrete and its qualities.

Did you miss the article?
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Today, we take a closer look to a second innovative building material, the perfect combo between strenght and lightness:

Transparent aluminium

Transparent aluminium is a bullet-proof new state of matter that is almost as strong as steel. Despite its herculean strength, it looks like glass which is four times weaker and shatters easily. Transparent aluminium is a new material and a see-through metal that is just breaking through the construction industry and adds a futuristic feel to buildings. This new material is such advanced construction technology that it is made out of aluminium oxynitride (AION) and is created through the use of laser technology.


Hungry for more? Keep watching this space, part three of this Article will be posted next week.

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Transparent Aluminum Building Technology

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