Affordable luxury: Small things that make a massive impact

People need affordable homes. Soaring rents, poor conditions, and a shortage of new developments are leaving few options for families and people looking for a fresh start. Experts agree that building 300,000 new houses per year may start to keep prices consistent with wages. But, when it comes to creating new homes, there is a tendency for developers to focus on either expensive luxurious homes or affordable homes that overlook quality. We need to realise that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Affordable luxury is more accessible than you think. Here are a few tips to get started on making affordable homes that people fall in love with, so we can try to tackle this housing crisis together.

Less stuff better quality

There’s no better way to create affordable luxury than by taking advantage of the minimalism trend. We have all heard that less is more. This is certainly true when it comes to making a room look much bigger. You try to dot it with the least amount of furniture possible. But, there is a trick to successfully creating affordable luxury with minimalism.

To be affordable, you don’t have to skimp on quality. In fact, ignoring quality is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to creating luxury. Low-quality fixtures stand out and can make the whole property appear tacky. They look like they could fall apart at the slightest touch and no one wants that. The trick is to use high-quality fixtures that look amazing and are also durable. Having nothing unnecessary is the first sign of luxury.

Buy the essentials, and make sure they are beautiful. For example, fit an excellent quality shower and toilet. But, don’t worry about installing any extras that look cheap, and won’t last, like over-the-top taps. Timelessly classic, well-made ones will do. In the living spaces, why have several small lights to illuminate the room when you could have one or two well-placed, high-quality ones that get the job done better? That way, you don’t waste money buying unnecessary low-quality fixtures, and you have the money available to buy fewer, high-quality ones.

Let there be light

Making use of the right lighting can give any room an expensive glow, and importantly, it’s not costly to achieve. All it takes is some well-placed windows and an eye for beautiful fittings.

Firstly, natural light can do wonders for a room with a well-placed, large window. This window doesn’t have to be expensive, but one that stretches from the floor to the ceiling will give the impression it is. Placing this window in a location where the sun can stream in every morning, letting the warmth be a wake-up call, will give any resident a taste of the high life.

But, when it comes to night time, you’re going to need back-up. An easy and cost-friendly way to make a home feel more luxurious is to install interesting and unique lighting pieces. A little individuality goes a long way when creating a luxurious air. Nobody wants their home to feel like another identical little box on the hillside. Special lighting pieces scream ‘rare find’ to buyers rather than ‘Ikea’, and this individuality is what allows people to be inspired by a particular property and picture their lives in it. The fact that it’s affordable is just the cherry on the cake.

We at Broadwing are more than just experienced property developers. We care about how our developments affect the community, and we want to make great properties available to everyone, no matter their income. Get in touch with us today for more information about the properties we develop.


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